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Church Locations

We want to help the body of Christ connect to ministries that we believe are healthy places to grow with others in the body of Christ. We believe that the body of Christ consists of everyone who follows Jesus the Christ as their personal Lord and Savior in truth, as revealed through God's own Word.


This list however is refined to ministries that we have personally met, who are also in agreement on matters that we believe to be very important, including: That God redeemed us to have a literal relationship with Him, for us to know Him now and forever; commitment to ensure discipleship in sound doctrine; reaching the world with the message of God's salvation through Jesus Christ in love and power; that the Spirit of God still speaks and works miracles, confirming His Word and glorifying Jesus Christ; that we are to carry our cross daily, living through Him and unto His will (positional and active holiness); that God's heart is to build up people by His grace.

These ministries have not asked or paid to be on the list. This list is a response to personal conviction from those on our team of ministers who have experienced their ministry.

As you click a location, details will pop up.

Church Locations:


South Africa

United States





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