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In John chapter 3, we read that Jesus said we "must be born-again" to see the kingdom of God. Further concerning this, He said, "that which is born of Spirit is spirit". God's intent is to literally make you new (ref: 2 Cor 5:17).  In 1 John 5 it says that whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. This is more than a mental acknowledgement that Jesus is the Christ. Even the devils know who Jesus is, but tremble, and have no inheritance in the kingdom, but rather, eternal punishment to face (ref: Mt 8:29). What kind of faith is the saving faith God has called us to? All who call upon Jesus shall be saved (ref: Romans 10:13). All who come to Jesus, He will in no wise cast out (ref: John 6:37). The difference is following Him as your personal Lord (meaning master). Professing a religious affiliation doesn't save us. A person who is willingly living in sin, is following the devil (consciously or not) as his or her master, and is not in that place of calling on the name of the Lord for salvation. 

Saying that Jesus is the Christ/Messiah with understanding means that you acknowledge that He is the Savior (Who God had promised to send).  In the prophecies (God's foretold promises) concerning the promised Anointed One of God, it points to that He is Lord, the Son of God (Ref: Psalm 2, 110). In John 1 it says concerning Jesus that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. To be the Son of God isn't just that the seed of God became flesh through Mary (having the blood of God), but He is God is with us (Emmanuel) (ref: Isaiah 7:14, Mt 1:23).

In Isaiah 53 we read that the promised savior would bear the punishment of our sins, as a pure lamb brought to the slaughter to justify many. In Romans 5:8, we read that God demonstrates His own "love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Our sins (and we all have done wrong. ref: Rom 3:23) are what separate us from God (ref: Isa 59:2), which is why we needed to be redeemed and made new, "justified by His blood" and "reconciled to God" (ref: v.9-11). He willingly gave Himself up as the perfect sacrifice, pouring out His soul, being spit on and ripped apart, purchasing the redemption of your soul with the blood of God, paying for the penalty of sin. In His love for you, He made the way for you to be free from darkness, forgiven of all wrongdoing, made new as a relational child of God who can now be continually filled with His Spirit (ref: Eph 5:18).

Each of us can receive this gift of salvation, or deny ourselves from God's love and receive the justified recompense the fallen angels who rebelled against God also will face. This is not God's heart for humanity, but He does not make us robots to make us love Him. If you want to know God, to know Love, to be new, to be forgiven, He will receive you. He will clean you up. He is the Creator! And He wants you to know Him. Jesus said, "All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out." (John 6:37, NASB) If you want Him (the real God for who He really Is!, not who mere man pretends that God is), the invitation is open to you right now. He will come into your heart (ref: Eph 3:17), and you will be on track to know what this salvation really is. God has promised that He will forgive you when you ask (ref: 1 John 1:9).

If you have never had a defining moment, where you know that you know that you have received this gift of salvation, you can right now, if you believe this report of Jesus, and want to surrender your life to Him, confess (as the Bible says in Romans 10:9-10) from your heart this faith unto salvation, having your sins washed away, and be in right standing before the true loving holy sovereign God with a pure conscience, pure in His sight because you have believed on the Son. If you'd like to do this, please take a holy moment and repeat the following from your heart unto God:

"Dear God, I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is the Christ, the only one Who can save me. I surrender my life, entrusting it to You and Your perfect guidance. Jesus, be Lord of my life. Make me new. Cleanse me. Help me know Your Love. Help me know You for Who You really are. Thank You for forgiving me. I forgive those who have wronged me. Thank You for coming into my heart. Thank You for receiving me. Help me stay close to You with all my heart I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen."

Yes it really is that simple, if you sincerely meant what you said as a confession from what you believe in your heart. We don't earn salvation, but we receive it through a staying faith in Jesus the Christ Who paid the price for your eternal security. You are His. You are a child of God, loved and valuable. As a good Father Who deeply loves you, He wants you to stay close to Him. You have access to Him every moment. Pray to be connected to a church family who believes what you confessed, and who sincerely love God. Every ministry needs God's help every day, just like you do, but it is important that they believe in walking with God through Jesus Christ so that you receive sound teaching from the Bible, which will help you know and live out the truth of what you are called to as a child of God.

Please feel more than welcome to contact us so we can celebrate with you, suggest good churches in your area, pray for you, and point to good online resources for studying the Bible.

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