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Eliana Maci

8 Years Old, 4' 3'', 63 lbs, Size 8/10 (updated: 4/1/19)

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Glory House is a ministry to promote Christian media. This page is for marketing purposes. This is not a talent management agency. This person is on our webpage because they have exemplified outstanding character that meets our goals for promoting talent for good influence.


Personality: She is very theatrical when having fun, loving to make friends laugh, and unusually mature when focused. Since she has been able to express herself, she has shown herself to be very caring (both to strangers and those close to her). Since about age 4, she has independently taken action to share about Jesus with others, pray for others, believe for and see God heal and do miracles, and be bold concerning righteous decisions. She is uniquely creative and inclined to lead.


Unique Talents/Strengths:

- Reading: In 2nd Grade, beyond a 5th Grade reading level

- Music: Great sense of rhythm and hearing motifs. She loves to listen to and dance with Christian music. She is advanced for her age in singing

- Especially Art: Drawing, painting, crafts (she likes to use Pinterest)

- Fashion: Particular yet modest

- Uno champion, and being trained in the way of Dutch Blitz

- Developing a British Accent

- Very good at hula hoop and scootering 

- She is learning Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu

- She likes to swim

- Left-handed


- Age 8, 3/1/19 background acting for Fox's "9-1-1" as a Diaz Kid.

- Age 8, 1/28/19-2/1/19 background acting for "Superstore" NBC Universal, including dancing scene with quinceanera episode initiated through Kids! Management.

- Age 7, an orphan in "Annie" performed at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, 2018 with Theatre Experience of Southern California.

- Church Theatre Productions: Ages 3-6 at Evangel in Milwaukee. Age 3/4 the star the kings followed in a Christmas play. Age 4/5 a singing sheep. Age 5/6 children's choir.

Goals: She wants to be an actress and artist.

She has had dreams of the Lord visiting her, including letting her know that she will be kind and teach people around the world about Jesus, as well as lead worship.  

Favorite Actors: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Kevin James, Hugh Jackman

Pentecost, 2018, age 7
Kindergarten Graduation, 2017

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