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Interest: Glory House Talent

This page is for those interested in being promoted as talent through the Glory House Media website and other platforms.

Glory House seeks to promote talent that exemplifies the character of Christ, a leadership-level of maturity as a result of intentionally being renewed in Christ. God has a great plan for everyone, and we desire to only be in step with His leading. Please only respond after:

1) Prayerful consideration

2) Agreeing to the statement here

3) And the requirements listed here 

Knowing the power of influence, we see great value helping facilitate various means for sincere representation of what salvation through Jesus the Savior looks like by promoting matured Christians called to influence through media. 

Please fill out the below form if interested in being promoted through Glory House Media. Your request will be prayerfully considered. In your message, please briefly include the following, in this order:

- When you gave your life to Jesus

- If you are fully in agreement and ready in regards to the doctrinal statement and requirements

- Your strong talents and interests of involvement in media

- If applicable, when you began keeping your gifts devoted for the Lord's use

- Any web links to social media and video/audio of your talent (or email separately to with your name in the Title)

- If you would like to be listed as talent for our clients

- Anything else you'd like to share, such as experience, ministry involvement, dreams/desires/calling/prophecies, if you have met any one connected with us, etc.


Thank you for your interest. Your information has been sent. If we believe that we are called to work together, we will follow up for more information. If you forgot to answer any of the required questions, please feel welcome to submit the additional information via this form.

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