Vision:​ To spread the truth in sincerity of faith through Jesus Christ.


The body of Christ are born-again human vessels who follow Jesus as their Lord. We (the body of Christ) are literally of one Spirit, members of one another. Jesus prayed that we would be one as He is one with the Father. We are meant to function as one. We can only be of one mind and one heart God’s way when Jesus is truly our Lord/Master. When Jesus is our King now, we are more readily renewed to live out the truth of who we are, redeemed children of God. We are the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, called to reveal the treasure within, Christ the hope of glory, the true light.


Events/Social Media/Broadcasts:

One of our goals is to use media to help the body of Christ unite in truth. We support local ministries, recognizing that as much as the body of Christ is worldwide, local ministries have a strong role in effective edification of the saints, and uniting in God-ordained visions in serving Him. Yet, at the same time, others outside of a single congregation are anointed to edify and serve others not in the same congregation. Ministries that God is building have a similar agenda, which is for lives to be transformed through Jesus Christ. Our hope is that our media is used both evangelistically, as well as for the body of Christ to grow together unto God’s purposes. We are intentional to facilitate ways for the body of Christ to get to know one another. 


Promoting Talent:

Human nature of itself is self-seeking, but we want to promote those who exemplify a true heart towards God, who want nothing outside of the work of the Holy Spirit through them, who have a mind to sincerely care for others. Talent is meant to be used to glorify God. As with events, we are deliberate in who we promote, because we want to sow by God’s Spirit.

Scouting Talent:

Glory House works with other companies with projects to promote positive messages. We present prospective talent to their talent management teams. 

Connecting People to Ministries:

Our goal is to help people literally know God, thereby becoming the church, not merely to get people into "our" ministries. We as Glory House want to help people connect to sincere ministries, whether ones that we are stewards of or not. 

MUCH More to come!